Vendor Managed Inventory

GHX VMI Service Program Overview

Benefits of VMI

  • Reduced Downtime
  • Fewer Stock-outs and Shortages
  • Reduced Inventory Management Time and Cost (Streamlines receiving and reduces errors)
  • Dedicated VMI Technician’s with years of experience and knowledge.

Delivery Process & Schedule

VMI Sales Order Creation

  • Tech or Account Manager scans VMI area once a week or frequency requested by customer.
  • Quote/Order uploaded from scan into ERP system
  • Pick ticket created
  • Material pulled and inspected
  • Tech/Account Manager delivers and stocks previously scanned material

The VMI Tech/Account Manager will make sure the VMI area is properly organized and maintains a professional appearance by:

  • Grouping all items together based on product family and having them in ascending order based on product size.
  • Allowing enough work space in between different sizes so the material is not crammed and possibly misplaced.
  • Picking up any trash off the shelves, out of the bins and off the floor.

Quarterly Review Meetings

GHX Production and Inventory Control Manager

  • Generates monthly usage reports from Web Query for each VMI

Customer Quarterly reviews conducted with OAM and Regional Sales Manager

  • Review min/max levels
  • Add/remove inventory based on usage
  • Discuss stock outs and long lead items

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