Turnaround Management

Our Turnaround Products and Services

Our full suite of turnaround products and services can cater to any level of support our customers are looking for. Whether it is as simple as taking an order and delivering it, or as complex as managing a customer’s entire fluid sealing and transfer supply chain, we can do it here at GHX.

Gaskets & Gasket Materials (Including nuts and bolts)

At GHX, we pride ourselves on providing gaskets that meet the most crucial criteria. GHX is a leader in the latest gasket material technology, and fabrication equipment keeping up with product innovations. Our broad range of standard and specialty products will ensure your turnaround operation is fully and quickly supplied

Hoses & Fittings

GHX is a Charter Member of NAHAD and takes a leadership role in the ongoing development of the Hose Safety Institute. Our certified testing and training reinforces our expertise and allows us to commit to advising companies through the life of the hose assembly, whether industrial or hydraulic.

Consignment Warehouses & Trailers

GHX can offer on-site consignment trailers for all your purchased consumable items from GHX (both manned and unmanned). We can oversee the products to ensure they are being used in the right way by the right people, and offer immediate on-site expertise for your contracted / sub-contracted labor force

Material Management Program

Having us manage your consumable materials allows you to never have to worry about reordering material, and ensures you always have the right amount of material onsite for the job at hand. We can also provide detailed reporting on usage to see how you are doing against projected spend, and at the end of the turnaround, you only pay for what you use. Our robust systems allow us to manage other material vendor inventory as well, providing the same level of reporting detail for products outside of GHX as well.

Job Kitting

We can kit together material from multiple material providers and tag them to specific job orders. Combined with the oversight provided by our onsite consignment trailers, we can also ensure the kits get into the right hands at the right time, saving you project budget and schedule.

On Site Field Services Expertise

GHX’s assigned Account Manager is available 24/7 during TA for field measurements and product identification, specification and to offer recommendations for core competency products as well as one-off discoverable item requirements.

The GHX Difference

Sophisticated Material Management Program

Our material management program reduces all the headaches from having to manage your own turnaround consumables. We can reduce costs to you by means of tracking usage of material, reducing damaged inventory, saving on storing and personnel costs, and freeing up your key resources to finish the job

Communications and Reporting

Whenever you need activity or usage reports, we can provide them – you can use these to ensure your project is staying on budget and on time. Our frequent communications throughout the turnaround event are aimed to reduce potential issues and proper management of the turnaround event.

Round the Clock Customer Service

We are always ready for emergency calls. We are always available in the event of a serious
Issue. Whatever issue you have with your turnarounds, we are ready to help. Our entire turnaround team, from Sales to Operations, is ready to assist you in any way that we can to keep you under budget and on schedule.

Trusted Partner

We have worked countless turnarounds in the past with a strong record of success – we can work with you to plan, facilitate, and manage your turnaround as a trusted partner. We can help build a sophisticated process of planning, managing, and executing turnarounds for your plant.

Technical Expertise

Members of our turnaround team are experts in the turnaround market and have helped support all kinds of turnarounds for over 20 years – their expertise allows them to identify risks and prepare for all outcomes.

Our on-site staff will communicate product specific usage and installation requirements to contractors and employees, so they understand the proper installation, lubrication, and torquing, and other requirements for each unique part.

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