At GHX we offer a wide variety of fasteners to serve all your businesses’ needs. There are several types of fasteners we offer:

We carry stud bolts, which are threaded end to end and come in two types, the first for general use and the second for temperature pressure piping. When used for temperature pressure piping, these bolts are built to industry standard requirements, for maximum safety.

Hexagon bolts are a versatile choice, and are available in several series. They can be constructed from many different varieties of materials, tolerances, and threads.

Machine bolts have either square, hexagonal, button or countersunk heads, with a cylindrical body. Machine bolts are very versatile and are typically used in machines and for construction.

We also offer Belleville Springs, which are used to apply a pre-load or flexible quality to a bolted joint. They are very useful in applications that require a high spring load, and in situations where variables such as vibration, thermal expansion and bolt creep are issues. These springs have a lot of advantages, including efficient use of space, and long service life.

Please contact a GHX rep for further specs and advice on picking out the best fasteners to suit your needs. We are dedicated to providing the best product, at the best price, for the success and safety of you, your company, and your products.

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