Fluid Sealing


There are many different options available for your packing needs, options which are both effective and economical. Some of the materials we use at GHX are:

Glass, which is an excellent packing material due to its ability to withstand heat, its stability, and tensile strength. In addition, glass can resist most chemicals and does not burn.

Carbon-Graphite fibers are able to operate at very high temperatures. Although they are more expensive than some other options, their extreme durability makes them cost-effective when the job requires exceptional sealing.

Aramid fibers are heat-resistant, exceptionally strong synthetic fibers, and their excellent resistance to high temperatures and high tensile strength make them an ideal choice for rugged applications.

PTFE fibers have very high resistance to chemicals and heat, as well as low friction and adhesion. PTFE packing does exceptionally well in highly corrosive chemical environments. It is nearly indestructible, has low friction, high strength, and excellent stability, as well as being selflubricating.

Metallic packing consists of materials such as lead, copper, and aluminum, which are malleable and heat conductive. These materials can be used singly or braided in combination with other styles of packing to achieve the particular performance required for a given job. Metallic packing can be conformed to unique shapes, and are frequently used as packing rings to seal valve stems.

Braided Packing is made from relatively soft and pliable materials, and as their name suggests, are formed by twisting, or “braiding,” individual strands together to obtain a finished product. Braided Packings are primarily used in petro-chemical, paper and steel mills, and in industries such as utilities, marine, water sewage, food, and nuclear. There are several basic styles of braided packing, including braid-over-braid, square braid and interlock braid.

Other types of packing offered by GHX include die-formed packing, hydraulic packing, valve stem packing and pump packing. At GHX, we are committed to working with you and your company to determine the best solution for all your packaging needs.


A gasket is used when two surfaces have to be joined together. They are used to prevent leakage from contents that could cause either economic loss or safety hazards. Gaskets are an economical solution, they provide a positive seal even when two surfaces are less than exact.

Effective gaskets are capable of sealing system fluid, resisting erosion that may result from the system fluid traveling through the gasket, conform to fill any irregularities to provide a maximum seal, withstand system temperatures to both extremes, maintain resiliency, resist crushing, and never contaminate the system fluid.

At GHX, we pride ourselves on providing gaskets that meet this crucial criteria. The product sections will explain each type of gasket we carry, and how they can most effectively serve you and the needs of your business.

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