Fire Blankets

Fire Blankets, also referred to as Welding Blankets, are widely used to protect workers and equipment from hot, molten metals or undesirable chemical products from being dropped from above a construction site or the splatter from a welding process. The sheets of this material are usually either laid over the top of equipment or the blankets can be fitted with grommets, allowing the blanket to be suspended, either vertical in a curtain like fashion or horizontal like a safety net.

Usually constructed of woven fiberglass or Silica cloth, this material is often then coated with a heat or chemical resistant coating such as silicone, neoprene or Teflon, just to name a few. This coating allows further resistance to burning, chemical or Ozone attack helping to extend the service life of the product.

The fiberglass materials are generally rated for 1000° F (550° C)., while the Silica based materials can be used in much higher temperature applications. The Silica is generally rated at 2300° F (1260° C). for continuous use, and have a melting point of 3000° F (1650° C) or more.

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