At GHX, we provide a variety of textiles for industrial purposes, including Thermoglass Textiles, which are engineered and manufactured to meet a variety of requirements. We are offer four varieties of Thermoglass fabrics: marine fabrics, which are used primarily in shipyards, industrial, a group of medium and heavy weight fabrics ideal for general industrial usage, roving, a heavy grade fabric with texturized roving yarns, ideal for applications with less rigid application requirements, and wire-inserted, available for order when extreme strength is needed.

At GHX, we also provide Fire Blankets. Also known as Welding Blankets, these are commonly used to protect workers and equipment from molten metals and undesirable chemical products; the sheets are usually laid over the top of equipment, or fitted with grommets and suspended in a curtain of safety net fashion. Fire Blankets are usually constructed of fiberglass or silica cloth, then coated with a heat or chemical resistant coating; in addition to increasing safety, these coatings also extend the life of the product, providing extra value.

We can provide Tape Textiles, rolls of material manufactured to specific widths and used for sealing purposes; these can be made from a broad range of materials and designed to meet almost any sealing or insulation need.

Please contact GHX to see how we can best serve your textile needs.

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