Hydraulic Packing

V-Packing is also known as Chevron packing or Stack Packing. This is an automatic hydraulic seal design for sealing rods, rams, pistons and plungers.

Hydraulic can mean any type of fluid media, whether it is oil or water or a special fire resistant fluid.

A typical set consists of a top (female) and bottom (male) adapter and a least three “vee” or sealing rings. These rings utilize a distinct hinge area to allow automatic reaction to pressure, hence known as “pressure aids sealing” concept. These are lip type seals and seal both on the inside and outside diameters of the vee rings.

Hydraulic V-Packing can be purchased as a molded set to the exact nominal size or cut from a coil. The coils are popular for larger sizes commonly seen in large hydraulic presses as in steel mills or plywood plants.

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