Flexible Ducting

Flexible Ducting is used primarily in ventilation and light material handling applications. Applications include general purpose ventilation and fume collection, FDA approved, anti-static, high or low temperature, chemical resistant and high abrasion. Materials of construction vary from traditional polyester fabric to thermoplastic to rubber compounds to Teflon with helixes available in many materials. Often combinations of these materials are used to give the characteristics needed for a particular application. GHX associates will gladly assist you with any technical application, installation or maintenance questions.

To help you select the proper ducting, remember the word STAMPED.


Proper installation is essential for safe use and maximized performance of ducting. Improper installation may shorten ducting life or even cause sudden failure. Some of the factors to be considered when installing ducting are:

  • Ducting elongation or contraction
  • Proper bend radius/ routing under pressure
  • Elbows and adapters to relieve strain
  • Protection from abrasion or high temperatures
  • Protection from excessive movement
  • Twisting from pressure surges
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