Fire Hose

Firefighters risk their lives every day just to protect us all. This kind of dedication can mean the difference in saving lives and property, so the equipment they depend on can’t be taken lightly. Fire Hose is there manufactured with this specific purpose in mind.

Fire Hoses are manufactured in various braided material construction of synthetic yarns such as nylon blends, polyester yarns or various blends of high performance materials with elastomeric tube material such as EPDM to make the hoses water tight assemblies preventing water from wicking through the braided sleeves.

MSHA, UL Label and/or FM approval is available on many styles of these hoses to meet the unique standards and specifications set down by these institutions. The MSHA approval for instance offers Flame Resistant Cover material.

Fire Hoses are generally manufactured with the outer jacket material to supply additional moisture and abrasion resistance. Various materials of construction are designed to provide minimum weight with maximum ruggedness.

The variety of end fittings and adapters on these hoses are manufactured usually of brass to prevent sparking, eliminating further fire hazards. NST and NPSH are the most common thread configurations for Fire Hose Fittings and Adapters.

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