Kammprofile Gaskets

The Kammprofile gasket consists of a solid metal core, serrated on both sides and covered with a soft, conforming, sealing material (filler) that is bonded to each face. This soft facing produces a gasket with low seating stress. The design of the serrated metal core enhances the gasket’s sealing performance by inducing stress concentrations on the sealing surfaces, thus minimizing lateral flow and confining the applied load upon the gasket sealing faces. The combination of serration profile and soft sealing material work together so that the final compression of the gasket exhibits a profile of alternating metal and filler boundaries. This gasket is especially well suited for use in heat exchangers and other large diameter applications where a rigid, semi-metallic design, is desired for blowout resistance and ease of installation.


Metal Core Max.Temperature
304 SS 1400°F 760°C
316 SS 1400°F 760°C
321 SS 1400°F 760°C
Aluminum 800°F 425°C
Copper 600°F 315°C
HASTELLOY® 2000°F 1090°C
INCONEL® 2000°F 1090°C
INCOLOY® 1600°F 870°C
MONEL® 1500°F 815°C
Titanium 2000°F 1090°C

GYLON® is a registered trademark of Garlock Inc.
HASTELLOY® is a registered trademark of Haynes International.
INCOLOY® and INCONEL® are registered trademarks of Inco Alloys International, Inc.
MONEL® is registered trademark of International Nickel.

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