Ever since inventing the spiral wound gasket nearly a century ago, Flexitallic has been at the forefront of fluid sealing innovation. In 1998, Flexitallic set new standards for sealing technology with the introduction of Thermiculite® Critical Service Series gasket material available in Tanged sheet – and later in Spiral Wound and Flexpro™ (Kammprofile) Facing styles.

800 Series – Exclusive to Flexitallic, this revolutionary material, comprised of chemically and thermally exfoliated vermiculite, simulated the structure of exfoliated graphite, with one notable exception – it maintained integrity through a wide range of extreme temperatures.

700 Series – New Thermiculite performance series gasket material, developed for use in more moderate temperature applications, maintains the same broad chemical resistance and freedom from oxidation that has made Thermiculite Critical Service Series such a success. This innovative and versatile material is available in Coreless Sheet and Spiral Wound styles, and is suitable for replacing aramid fibre, glass fibre, carbon fibre, PTFE and graphite in a wide array of applications.

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