Graphite Gasket Material

Graphite sheets are manufactured in various forms, namely homogeneous, reinforced and impregnated. A distinction is made between sheets reinforced with perforated sheet steel and those using smooth stainless steel foil reinforcement. The impregnated sheets are notable for their greater strength, scratch resistance, better gas impermeability and non-stick surfaces.

Natural lubricity makes graphite the ideal choice for gasket and seal applications where surface movement exists. Even in sliding movements, graphite maintains the utmost in performance and sealability.

Using conventional tools, graphite can be cut or molded into most required configurations. Graphite is manufactured in both sheets and laminate forms (with or without metal and nonmetallic cores) and is offered in any thickness from 75 microns (0.003”) to 1650 microns (0.065”) in a variety of densities from 0.6 g/cm3 (40 lbs/ft3) to 1.5 g/cm3 (90 lbs/ft3).

Flexible graphite can be combined with various interlayer materials to improve performance and handling. Carbon Steel Tanged Metal, Aluminum and PTFE are available.

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