Stud Bolts

Continuous – Thread Studs
Stud bolts are threaded end to end and are often used for flange bolting with two nuts applied.

There are two types of these studs:

  • Type one usually for general purpose; the length of stud is measured from end to end. Threads are UNRC-2A.
  • Type two studs for temperature pressure piping. These studs are made to dimensional standard requirements of ANSI B16.5 the length of this stud is measured from first thread to first thread, exclusive of points. Threads are UNRC-2A for sizes 1 inch and under and 8 UNR-2A for sizes over 1 inch.

Hexagon Head Bolt
A hexagon head bolt is a bolt having a hexagonal shaped external wrenching head. It is available in several dimensional series such as Finished Hexagon, Regular Hexagon, and Heavy Hexagon and within these series in various grades with regard to materials, tolerances, and threads.

Machine Bolt
A machine bolt is a bolt having a conventional head such as a square, hexagon, button, or countersunk type, and a cylindrical body below the head. It is designed for general use in machine and other types of construction. Machine bolts are supplied with nuts unless otherwise specified.

Stud bolts are available in ASTM Grades B7, L7, B16, B16M, L7M, B8 and B8M; they are also available exotic metals such as Monel, Titanium, Inconel, Alloy 20, and Hastelloy. These studs are also available with industrial coatings such as Teflon, Fluoropolymers and others.

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