Flue Duct Expansion Joint

Flue Ducts are often utilized for lightweight applications, especially for scrubbers, precipitators, baghouses, and fans in air handling systems. They are available in round, rectangular or square configurations, as belt type (without flanges) or U-type (flanged), with virtually no size restrictions.

Rectangular / Square
Face-to-face dimensions: typically 6" (152 mm), 9" (229 mm), 12" (305 mm) or 16" (406 mm)

Supplied in any size, with or without flanges or arch.
Variety of materials available: neoprene chlorobutyl, fluoroelastomer, nitrile, EPDM, Hypalon*, white neoprene, white EPDM or natural/gum rubber.
Movement capabilities depend on expansion joint size and arch configuration.

Standard flue duct designs are generally rated for ±3 psi (0.2 bar) pressure.

Belt Type
Supplied in any size, without flanges, with or without an arch.
Available in the same materials as round flue ducts.
Movement capabilities depend on installation width and arch configuration.
Supplied open-ended (wraparound), or continuous to fit over ducting.

Standard Materials Max. Temperature.
Neoprene/fiberglass/Kevlar**: 250° F (120° C)
Chlorobutyl/fiberglass/Kevlar: 300° F (150° C)
Fluoroelastomer/fiberglass/Kevlar 400° F (205° C)

* Hypalon is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers.
** Kevlar is a registered trademark of DuPont.
On-site vulcanization can also be provided for flue ducts that require splicing into position due to obstructions or interferences that prevent continuous construction installations.

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