Power Generation

GHX is an expert partner for the power generation industry.

GHX is moving forward into a greener tomorrow, working to provide services and work with companies who are producing new and safe methods of power generation such as wind, nuclear and hydro-electric power.

Whether fossil-fired or nuclear, you can’t afford to have a seal creep, leak, unwind, or break. Today it’s all about anticipating potential problems, before they happen. GHX offers a complete line of gaskets to solve any problem that may arise in the Power Generation industry.

The gasket is probably one of the least expensive and least considered items in any power plant. However, if improperly specified or installed, that changes-often resulting in a disproportionate amount of expense along with health and safety issues.

GHX gasket experts can address specific issues you may have in both fossil fuel and nuclear power generation. In order to see all that GHX can do for you, your company, and your power generation needs, contact us for more information.

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