Oil & Gas

When it comes to serving the oil and gas industries, GHX is second to none. We are able to offer sealing products such as emission free valve stem packing, as well as corrugated metal and kammprofile gaskets, for use in low loading, high temperature/high pressure flange and heat exchanger applications.

GHX offers kammprofile gaskets as a cost effective alternative to your current gasket-especially those with limited bolt load or of a lighter weight. Kammprofile delivers the compressibility of a sheet gasket, the sealability of spiral wound gasket and the ease of handling of a solid metal gasket-with no buckling during installation or in service. It’s available as a segmented gasket for easy replacement without tear down-and it can be refurbished!

Our oilfiled product offering includes custom BOP hose assemblies, oil suction and discharge hose, and LPG hose assemblies. As a Gates Roughneck distributor, we also offer internally fabricated API certified Rotary hose, and Choke and Kill Hose assemblies.

GHX can facilitate the movement of your oil and gas from point A to point B with a wide variety of products such as petroleum drop hoses and large diameter LPG assemblies, which will ensure that your oil and gas travels to your customers in the safest and most economical manner possible. Please see our Transportation section for more information.

GHX is a provider of gaskets for numerous key end user customers. We provide products, services and performance metrics for these customers. We work together with these end user customers to improve process results. Specific applications include pressure vessels, heat exchangers, flange gaskets, steam and gas turbines, valves, pumps and compressors.

GHX is dedicated to serving the gas and oil industries. Please contact us for information on how we can best be of service to you.

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