GHX is able to provide a wide selection of products and services for the chemical industry. In addition to special application hoses such as chlorine transfer and high quality steam hose, we also provide services such as testing and training, as well as all other types of chemical transfer hosing, including composite and Teflon.

We offer expanded Teflon sheet and molded EPTFF gaskets through our sealing products division, consolidating gasket consumption and saving you money, as well as carrying corrugated metal and kammprofile gaskets for use in heat exchanger applications, and split mechanical seals for mixer applications.

GHX provides seals of assurance for chemical producers. Specific applications include towers and tower trays, vessel and railcar manways, heat exchangers, valves pumps, centrifuges, mixers/reactors, light duty flanges and stainless steel flanges.

GHX has been successfully serving the chemical industry for years, and we look forward to addressing your individual needs with our excellent products and quality service. Please feel free to contact us for more information and a custom solution.

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