Custom Gaskets & Fabrication

Custom Gasket Fabrication

GHX excels in bespoke gasket fabrication using our advanced ATOM Flashcut Flex 3015 knife cutters. Key services include:
Versatile Cutting: With a 60×120 cutting surface, we handle a variety of gasket sizes and designs.
Fast & Precise Operation: Our cutters reach speeds up to 50 m/min, punch 3 holes/sec, and can cut up to 20 mm in height.
Efficient Design: Our dual-projector setup, integrated vacuum table, and 40 mm tool station facilitate efficient, precise work.
Automated Software: We use Windows-based software for interactive piece positioning and automated setup.
Quality Materials: We use high-grade materials from Flexitallic, Garlock, WL Gore, and SGL Carbon.

At GHX, we make gasket fabrication swift, precise, and tailored to your needs.

Capabilities of our ATOM Flashcut Flex 3015

  • ATOM Flashcut Flex 3015
  • 60 x 120 cuttings surface
  • Max cutting speed 50 m/min
  • Max punching 3 holes per sec
  • Max cutting height 20 mm
  • Maximize sheet usage saving our customers money
  • Two projectors to view layout
  • Vacuum table for selective control of material holding, which allows the ability to apply a high intensity working area where the cutting is being performed and to reduce the electric power consumption.
  • 40 mm Tool station capable of accepting the following tools:
    ▪ Pneumatic Oscillating Chuck
    ▪ Electric Oscillating Chuck
    ▪ Rotary Wheel Chuck
    ▪ Powered Rotary Wheel Chuck
    ▪ Fixed Drag Knife
    ▪ Pneumatic Milling Spindle
  • Windows based computer with card for CNC interfacing, Ethernet card for the connection to the data net of the whole cutting system and ATOM software license of CUTTER program and monitor LCD.
  • Windows based interactive layout software module for the interactive positioning of the pieces to
    be cut.
  • Auto-nesting software module for the automatic positioning.
  • Martials from strategic suppliers like Flexitallic, Garlock, WL Gore, SGL Carbon

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