Hose & Fittings

We are committed to seeing your company through the life of your hose, from choosing the right one, to installation and maintenance. Some factors to consider when installing a hose are: Its elongation or contraction, bend radius, adaptors that can be used to relieve stress, external abrasion protection, and protection from pressure surges and twisting.

In addition, we recommend that for proper maintenance, hoses should always be stored in a dry place, undergo frequent visual inspection so that any hoses with cuts, gouges that expose the reinforcement, or broken reinforcements can be taken out of service immediately. Inadequate maintenance can result in leakage, bursting or other failures that are hazards to you and your employees. To assist you in the proper maintenance and inspection of your hoses we offer our customers the online GHX Tracker.

Contact your GHX representative to learn more about this solution. Choosing the right hose for your industrial application is a vital process, and at GHX we recommend using the STAMPED method:

Size: Inside diameter of hose
Temperature: Both outside and inside temperature
Application: Navigating the path of the hose
Media: What is being transported through the hose
Pressure: Positive or negative pressure
Extras: End connections, clamps, spring guards
Delivery: When is the hose needed

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